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Harmonie Health Ministry (HHM) is a ministry within the church, started on December 18, 2008, geared towards building a strong, healthy and safe congregation. HHM is from the group Harmonie Des Coeurs. We consider our faith as the corner stone of the ministry. HHM is rooted in three Bible verses that are the ministry’s foundation, Mark 2 vs11- “ I say to you, rise, pick up your bed, and go home”, 1Corinthians 6 vs19- “ Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own”, and Galatians 6 vs2 – “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ”. HHM interacts with other health ministries to keep abreast of new programs that may be helpful to the church and the community. HHM does not replace pastoral care, provides First Aid Care only, does not replace professionals such as; MD, RN. HHM is covered under the church, EBNJ insurance policy for any liability. HHM currently has 26 members (volunteers).

Mission Statement

To encourage, promote and educate the congregation and community to have a healthy body, mind and spirit, by following Christ’s example of love, compassion, and service to others.

Vision and Goals of the Health Ministry

HHM focuses on the entire congregation’s life span, from babies to elderly members.

HHM focuses on the congregation’s needs, such as: major chronic illnesses, increasing self-knowledge through prevention programs, personal responsibility through faith. Thereafter, with participation, healing takes place.

HHM main goal is to emphasize caring for the congregation and the community.

HHM vision is to create a link from the church to other organizations in the community in order to enrich the community’s health and spiritual growth.

Importance of prayer in the HHM Program

Prayer is encouraged at every step of the HHM Program, during meetings, while providing care, during visits with the sick, and during promotion of preventive health care practices.

Volunteerism – Definition

HHM definition of Volunteering: a selfless activity, intended to promote good behavior within the church and improve church member and community member lives. The Volunteer is giving his or her talent to something you strongly believe in.

Health Ministry and the Community

The HHM is working within the EBNJ church and the community At Large to promote the well-being of the people in its membership and/or the community. Health ministry activities can range from meeting the individual needs of the EBNJ congregation by providing health screenings, to prevention and management of chronic illnesses. Our faith and practices emphasize attention to health care for the sick, the impoverished and under-served (immigrant population).

Different Components of Harmonie Health Ministry

HHM is a group of volunteers who are members of the EBNJ church. HHM has a Health Ministry Director and a committee. The committee is a diverse group of people from different disciplines such as: nurses, therapist, teacher and social worker. Committee members are also referred to as Coordinators.

Health Ministry Committee

HHM committee consists of 1 Director of The Health Ministry program and 6 coordinators. The committee decides on all programs, prevention classes, and community partnership of the Health Ministry. The committee meets every last Sunday of the Month.

LINK COORDINATOR– Sr. Chezuette Dort
HEALTH EDUCATOR/HEALTH FAIR COORDINATOR (2 Coordinators) Sr. Nonceline Joseph and Sr. Rosemique Pierre


Programs within the church:
Health Awareness program for the youth – July
Children Health Awareness Day – September
Family Night Programs – First Sunday of March and November
Safety program – evacuation plan (with other groups)
Emergency Preparedness Plan (with EPP Committee)
First Aid Program
Community Outreach Programs:
Community Programs (barber shop/ beauty shop)
Yearly Community Wellness Health Fair