On Sunday, September 26, 2021, Rev. Dr. Pastor Nelson preached on “Where are we storing our treasures?” Taken from Matthew 6:19-24, Pastor Nelson breaks down two places we can store our treasures: on earth or in heaven.

When we store our treasures on earth, moths, vermin, and even thieves come to destroy, break in, and even steal our treasures. But when we store our treasures in heaven, we are guaranteed to have our treasures secured and know that moths and vermin won’t destroy them, and thieves won’t break in and steal. 

One of the last things Pastor Nelson invites us to do is check our hearts. WHERE ARE YOU STORING YOUR TREASURES? 

“The difference between treasures on earth and treasures in heaven is that treasures in heaven are rust-proof, moth-proof, and burglar-proof; they ENDURE FOREVER.”

There may be some of you that desire to store your treasures on earth and in heaven too, but you have to recognize that you can’t serve both the world and God. Make a decision and decide whom you’ll serve.

For those who don’t know how they can begin storing their treasures, do you have a relationship with God? If so, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in knowing how to store your treasures. Also, consider why you’re storing these treasures? Are you doing it for others to see, or are you doing it to serve God? If you recognize you’re doing it for others to see, confess to the Father and turn from those ways. Allow Him to teach you how to store those treasures His way. 

For those who don’t have a relationship with God, understand that it is through relationship with Him that you can begin to store treasures in heaven. To do this, you must recognize what He did: He sent His Son as a sacrifice to pay for all the sins you’ve committed both now and in the future. To get in right standing, you must accept that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead. That’s how you begin to be in right standing with the One true God. 

To wrap up, if you have just accepted the Lord as your Savior, congratulations! We want to celebrate with you, so be sure to call (908) 875-9748 and we’ll contact you with some more information to get you started on your walk. We’re excited you’re a part of the family, and if you don’t have a church home, please consider joining the Eglise Baptiste de la Nouvelle Jerusalem family!